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Guided Imagery journeying powerfully supports healing for:

  • surgery
  • cancer treatment and recovery
  • pregnancy and labor
  • trauma
  • deep grief from loss of any kind
  • pain management
  • anxiety


Guided Imagery journeying greatly enhances:

  • spiritual life coaching
  • inner child work
  • reiki healing
  • spiritual awakening
  • accessing Inner Wisdom
  • deep relaxation



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Guided Imagery Journeying is a bold and powerful awakening tool. This amazing method taps into your expansive inner resources of creativity and awareness that as of yet you may not even know you have. In guided imagery journeying, you step out of your processing-analyzing mind and into a reliable inner source of knowing that communicates with you through images, sensations, and feelings. This inner source, your Inner Wisdom, is there to transform and co-create your life with you.

You may have experienced guided imagery on commercially available tapes and YouTube videos. These tapes and videos are wonderful. They are available to help you with relaxation, anxiety, pain management, and even to assist you in preparing for surgery.


There are times though when you need guided imagery that is personal, intimate, and uniquely created for your exact life circumstances. Personalized guided imagery journeying addresses your specific fears, emotions, and goals. Often when a crisis like cancer, chemotherapy, surgery, or trauma surfaces in your life, its the time to give yourself the most powerfully potent support available.

Guided imagery journeying with Awakening JOY Ministries® is uniquely potent because we use only custom imagery designed personally for you. To do this, as you are very safe and relaxed, we support you in uncovering your deep desires for healing, in releasing any fears blocking your complete wellness, and creating your perfect life post-healing. Andrea Sassa Archuleta, the principal spiritual counselor at Awakening  JOY Ministries, offers,

Three custom-designed Guided Imagery journeying methods:

Contact Andrea to schedule your guided imagery journeying session. Depending upon the method you choose, your journey is in person, on the telephone, or with Skype.

For more information about each guided imagery journeying method, click a link below: