Inner Child work

Healing Inner Child 8-week Program®

Week 1 - Nurturing your Inner Child - Becoming the nurturing parent

Week 2 - The Inner Critical Parent - Replacing self-criticism with self-nurturing

Week 3 - Inner Child Baggage - Recognizing and healing self-destructive thoughts

Week 4 - Connecting with Higher Self - Learning to connect your inner child with inner wisdom

Week 5 - Transforming Fear - Recognizing needy inner child cries for love

Week 6 - Stop, Look & Listen - Paying attention to who is in charge

Week 7 - Healing Relationships - Seeing through the needy inner child to light essence

Week 8 - Simple, Uncomplicated Love - Expanding your identity to being love


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Loving oneself is no easy matter just because it means loving all of oneself, including the shadow where one is inferior and socially so unacceptable. The care one gives this humiliating part is also the cure.

-James Hillman


You become mature when you become the authority in your own life.

-Joseph Campbell

Inner Child Healing may be what you need if you are not feeling consistently content about your life, relationships, personal goals or career.

Are you:

  • Choosing unfulfilling romantic relationships that end in heartbreak?
  • Repeatedly in jobs with overbearing critical bosses?
  • Staying in a career you are not passionate about and feeling creatively dead?
  • Endlessly struggling with losing weight, quitting cigarettes, or ending an addictive behavior from gambling to shopping?
  • Feeling like you are not successful, just not good enough, no matter what you accomplish?
  • Working so hard, looking for approval from others and even Life (you just can't get a break!) that never comes?
  • Feeling like there is not enough time to take care of yourself leaving you always exhausted and depleted?

If you feel stuck or unable to control the drama in your life, its time to consider Inner Child work and healing your inner child.


Inner Child Healing is looking at your core beliefs about how the world works - how much you believe Life supports and loves You - and determining if those beliefs are healthy or self-destructive. You gently transform unhealthy core beliefs by learning how to give compassion, patience, and unconditional love to the one who created the beliefs - your inner child.

Your core beliefs were formed in childhood from your experiences with caregivers and your environment. These beliefs were necessary for your survival during a time when you were dependent on others for your physical and emotional growth. Yet, now that you are an adult, living from your inner child's ideas about life may not be very effective. Consider an easy example: As a baby, you likely learned to cry to get your needs met. You cried when you were hungry, needed sleep, and wanted to be held and cuddled. Now an adult, you still have all of these needs - food, sleep, love - but, you likely created a tool other than crying for meeting these needs. But, is your tool successful at getting your needs met? Answering this question is the beginning of unraveling your inner child's core beliefs.

inner child

Let's look more closely at the need for love, a strong need we all have at every age, and staying with crying as the example. At some point, a child learns that crying is no longer effective for getting love. Caregivers tell the child to stop acting like a baby and peers tease a 'cry-baby.' The child starts experimenting with methods for getting their need for love met. The child may pout or withdraw until noticed, be rambunctious or overly talkative, try to be funny or even act coquettish. The child learns to repeat the behavior that the caregivers respond to and forms a core belief about how to get their need for love met. If the caregivers respond with hugs and affection when the child is funny, a core belief of, "I am loveable when I am funny," is established.

This funny child grows up into a funny adult with the core belief, "I am loveable when I am funny." But, struggles with creating happiness. In their romantic relationships, partners want emotional intimacy and leave because funny-adult does not know how to let go of the humor and be vulnerable. At work, funny-adult uses humor at inappropriate times and is passed over for promotions. This adult feels disconnected from others, even close friends, because they never let anyone see their other normal emotions like sadness or grief. Funny-adult hides these normal emotions behind humor because they deeply want love and believe humor is the only way to get it. This one core belief then sets the tone for funny-adult to feel emotionally misunderstood and isolated from others. This adult experiences confusion, frustration, and ultimately great loneliness because they do not know how to release their self-destructive core belief and create a new successful way of getting their need for love met.

With Awakening JOY Ministries®, you gently transform unhealthy core beliefs and heal trauma from your past by participating in spiritual counseling in the many forms we offer. The Guided Imagery Reiki and Music methods and Accessing Inner Wisdom counseling are all very effective for inner child healing.


The Healing Inner Child Program® is another powerfully potent method. Created by Pathways of Light Spiritual College®, this 8-week program gently guides you into a nurturing relationship with your inner child. Through experiential exercises, guided healing meditations, and daily practice activities, you learn how to lovingly parent your inner child. You learn how to give her or him the unconditional love, approval, and support that releases you and your inner child from self-destructive beliefs and past trauma. Healing together, fear dissolves and your heart grows freer to love and be loved.

This valuable program can be done one-on-one with Rev. Andrea or you can join a Healing Inner Child group that Rev. Andrea has formed. New groups are always forming. You can also form your own group and Rev. Andrea will facilitate the program. Pathways of Light does not release the program for self-guided study.

The Healing Inner Child Program is most often conducted in a teleconference. This means you can partner with Rev. Andrea no matter where you live. You can join or form a group with people all over the country and anywhere in the world!

To join the unique and amazing Healing Inner Child Program, or for more information, please contact Andrea, click here or call 505.699.5066.

An introductory excerpt from the 8-week Healing Inner Child Program:

The first step toward becoming a nurturing parent for your needy inner child is through non-judgmental observing. Observing with non-judgment and love allows you the freedom, the detachment and the perspective, which fosters deep healing. As you learn to be compassionate and understanding of your inner child, the journey to healing begins. If this is done consistently, the needy inner child begins to feel safe and eventually sees a new path, a new direction. As you continue this path of observing your needy inner child with love, a sense of hope that the past need not be repeated begins to emerge.

One of the Program's experiential exercises:

Weekly Focus Card - Recognizing Baggage

I recognize needy inner child baggage with detachment.
Inner child, I am always here for you.
We can walk through this together, and transform the old baggage with the healing power of love.