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Guided Imagery journeying powerfully supports healing for:

  • surgery
  • cancer treatment and recovery
  • pregnancy and labor
  • trauma
  • deep grief from loss of any kind
  • pain management
  • anxiety


Guided Imagery journeying greatly enhances:

  • spiritual life coaching
  • inner child work
  • reiki healing
  • spiritual awakening
  • accessing Inner Wisdom
  • deep relaxation



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When there is a situation in your life that you do not know how to handle, connecting with your vastly creative inner resources may be just what you need. Your problem might be a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenge. If talking, journaling, meditating, self-help books, yoga - whatever tools you use to take care of yourself - are not working and you feel stuck, well, how can you get un-stuck?

The Guided Imagery Music method is profound at breaking through being stuck. This method uses music to bypass your rationale every-day thinking mind. Guided by the music, you access your inner wisdom of heroes, warriors and guides who know exactly how to handle your situation.


For your session, Rev. Andrea selects specific music to draw forth your deep feelings about the challenging situation. As the music stimulates your feelings, powerfully healing guidance from your Inner Wisdom is released. This guidance expresses itself to you with images, sensations, thoughts and feelings. As you receive guidance, you speak it aloud and Rev. Andrea records it for you. The recording is yours to keep. As you continue working with and acting upon the guidance you received, you receive more and more amazing guidance.

Many times, people find they have an Inner Hero or Inner Warrior ready to strengthen and guide them through their challenge. This is very common with cancer and chemotherapy patients as well as those facing invasive medical tests. Others, particularly those healing inner child trauma, discover a nurturing inner guide who teaches them how to unconditionally love themselves and heal shame. Because the music supports connecting with the ever-present knowing guidance of your Inner Wisdom, you receive exactly what you need for your specific situation.

Contact Rev. Andrea to schedule your Guided Imagery Music method spiritual counseling session, click here or call 505.699.5066.

Experience the amazing power of music inspired guided imagery that is custom-choreographed for your exact situation.

Depending upon your circumstances, the counseling is done in person, on the telephone, or with Skype.