Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki is a gentle laying on of hands healing method. Reiki restores harmony and balance to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit by loosening blocked energy and revitalizing your innate wisdom to heal and be well. 

Reiki is for:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety & emotional upset
  • Supporting surgery, chemotherapy & radiation, invasive medical tests
  • Comforting those who are terminally ill & their caregivers; preparing for transition
  • Pregnancy, labor & delivery, achieving conception
  • Facilitating spiritual growth, personal empowerment & creativity
  • Supporting addiction recovery
  • Supporting healing inner child trauma & traditional counseling
  • A healthy immune system, peaceful mind, relaxed body & awakened spirit
  • Cleansing toxins
  • Calming & healing animals



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Reiki is an ancient system of natural healing. The word Reiki is translated as spiritually guided universal life-force energy.


Rei = spiritually guided wisdom

 ki  Ki = universal life-force energy

Reiki is the joining together of the spiritually guided wisdom with the universal life-force energy.

During a Reiki session, you lay fully clothed on a massage table. Soft soothing music is played, supporting your deep relaxation. Andrea channels Ki - the universal life-force energy, as directed by the Rei - the wisdom source, through her hands and into your body. Because the Ki is directed by spiritually guided wisdom, it flows exactly where energy balancing and healing is needed. Energy balancing is often directed to your chakras, and the aura surrounding your body. When this energy is low or restricted from flowing freely, balanced equilibrium of body, mind, and spirit is disrupted.

Chakras are the energy centers in the body where the Ki flows. Ki runs the body, supports the mind and emotions, and nourishes the spiritual life. It is the same energy yogis call prana and other traditions refer to as chi. If you think about it, we humans are a system of flowing energy. Every process occurring in our body, mind, and spirit is caused by either an excess, deficiency, or balance of energy. When Ki is flowing freely and undisrupted, there is health and wellness. If though the Ki is obstructed, illness results. Illness then shows up as a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual crisis.

Chakra balancing is the process of returning the Ki to a healthy flow. Balance may not be restored immediately because many illnesses are from long held beliefs and patterns that have taken root in the subconscious mind. But, with each Reiki session, blockages, negative patterning, and unhealed emotions, are released until complete balance is restored.

There are seven chakras in the body:

♦  The chakras closest to the base of the spine relate to physical needs like survival, procreation, and power.

♦  The center chakra is at the heart and relates to love and compassion.

♦  The chakras above the heart relate to our spiritual nature and connection to Oneness.

The body's endocrine system corresponds to the chakra system and is what western medicine identifies with. This endocrine system is associated with the major glands of the body, nerve plexus, and the proper balance of life force otherwise known as homeostasis. The endocrine system and chakra system both relate to the same sequence of specific glands, organs, and body systems.

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Chakra System

Root Chakra - Gonad Center - Muladhara

"The right to be here, to have, and to manifest."
Serves - physical identity, self-preservation, manifestation
Location - base of the spine
Color - red
Element - earth
Gems - garnet, obsidian, ruby, hematite
Body - bowel, anus, large intestine, legs, feet, knees
Blockage - fear, hyper-vigilance, tribal mind, trust,  survival, grounding, abandonment
Affirmation - 'It is safe for me to be alive. The earth supports and meets my needs.'

Sacral Chakra - Spleen - Swadhisthana

"The right to feel and to want."
Serves - emotional identity, self-gratification, balance
Location - beneath the navel, lower abdomen, sacral plexus
Color - orange
Element - water
Gems - amber, citrine, orange topaz
Body - reproductive system, spleen, urinary system, sexual dysfunction, lower back
Blockage - masculine & feminine balance, excessive or restricted pleasure, obsessive attachment, guilt
Affirmation - 'I deserve pleasure in my life. Life is pleasurable.'

Solar Plexus Chakra - Adrenal Center - Manipura

"The right to act and to be free."
Serves - ego identity, self-definition, self-esteem, transformation
Location - solar plexus, mid-belly, ribcage to navel
Color - yellow
Element - fire
Gems - gold, citrine, amber, tigers eye, yellow topaz
Body - digestive tract, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, stomach
Blockage - personal power crisis, shame, inhibited, control, manipulation, fear, exhaustion, greed
Affirmation - 'I honor the power within me. The power within me burns through all fears and blocks.'

Heart Chakra - Thymus Center - Anahata

"The right to love and be loved."
Serves - social identity, self-acceptance, compassion
Location - chest, heart, cardiac plexus
Color - Green
Element - air
Gems - emerald, green jade, rose quartz, malachite
Body - heart, lungs, breasts, circulatory system, thymus gland, immune system, upper back
Blockage - grief, codependency, intolerance, critical, judgmental, intimacy fear, jealousy, altruism
Affirmation - 'I am worthy of love. There is an infinite supply of love for myself and others.'

Throat Chakra - Thyroid Center - Vissudha

"The right to speak and hear truth."
Serves - creative identity, self-expression, inspiration
Location - throat
Color - bright blue
Element - ether or sound
Gems - blue topaz, lapis lazuli, azurite, blue sapphire, turquoise
Body - throat, ears, voice, neck, jaw, thyroid, hypothalamus
Blockage - ineffective communicator, lying, struggling with finding personal voice, stalled creativity, poor listening skills
Affirmation - 'Creativity flows in and through me. My voice is necessary.'

Third Eye Chakra - Pituitary Center - Ajna

"The right to see."
Serves - transpersonal identity, self-reflection, illumination
Location - forehead, brow, third eye
Color - purple or indigo
Element - light
Gems - amethyst, dark sapphire, azurite
Body - pituitary gland, eyes and vision, head, memory
Blockage - impaired vision, stunted imagination, obsession, delusional, denial, insensitivity
Affirmation - 'I see all things clearly. I manifest my vision.'

Crown Chakra - Pineal Center - Sahasrara

"The right to know."
Serves - universal identity, self-knowledge, Oneness
Location - top of head, cerebral cortex
Color - white or violet
Element - spiritual consciousness, the One Mind
Gems - diamond, quartz crystal, pale amethyst
Body - skull and brain, cerebral cortex
Blockage - attachment, unenlightened
Affirmation - 'Divinity resides within. Information I need comes to me. I am guided by Inner Wisdom.'