Spirituality Counseling is for

  • relieving stress, anxiety, and emotional distress
  • settling confusion, fear, and hopelessness
  • removing blockages in spiritual growth, personal empowerment, and creativity
  • ending undesirable patterns
  • soothing addiction recovery fears
  • healing inner child trauma
  • healing your body, mind, and spirit
  • deeply connecting you with your Inner Wisdom
  • creating Peace in your life
  • living your True Life Purpose



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Spirituality Counseling connects you with your Inner Wisdom - your inner "guide" for knowing what is best for you in any situation or circumstance. There are many names for this inner wisdom guide - God, Source, Mother-Father Sky, Higher Power, Shiva, the Buddha, Holy Spirit, and on and on. Each person connects to this wisdom in their own personal way. No matter the name, the foundation of spirituality counseling at Awakening JOY Ministries is that the energy of Peace and Love giving life to the entire universe and its cosmos, is inside you, ready to have a direct and personal relationship with you.

United with your Inner Wisdom, the spiritual counseling then focuses on building your trust in this knowing guide. Soon, you develop a secure partnership with your ever-present guide and joyfully set about creating the life of your dreams living your True Life Purpose.


Building a relationship with your Inner Wisdom is so incredibly important because it is impossible to be completely happy without Its knowing guidance. And yet, this is what we often do. We ignore our Inner Wisdom because our mind tells us those gentle nudgings from within "seem" ridiculous or illogical or too pie-in-the-sky to pay attention to.

Yet, let's be clear about this - Being guided by your Inner Wisdom is not the same as following your heart's desire. Desire is often rooted in unmet needs from childhood that appear in our lives as 'wants' or fears. We think if we obtain the 'want'- a special relationship, a certain car, a bigger house, that promotion or job title - that we will look good to others and earn their approval or feel less lonely, insecure, or unworthy - and finally be happy. Or, we think the fears we have - maybe of being alone or being unlovable or of scarcity and lack - are real, and we let them dictate our choices.

With spiritual counseling, you learn to discern between desires that are dictating your life and Inner Wisdom's gentle knowing guidance that frees your life. If childhood hurts are revealed in the process, we partner with your Inner Wisdom and heal them. If 'wants' or fears are uncovered, we allow your Inner Wisdom to heal these too.

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Many spiritual counseling methods are available to you at Awakening JOY Ministries®. All of the counseling methods use deep relaxation, some use guided imagery counseling, spiritual life coaching, or Reiki healing. Several methods can be used, depending upon your needs and what you are most comfortable with. Your Inner Wisdom knows what is perfect for you, perfect to create absolute JOY in your life, right now.

Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling is one method Rev. Andrea uses. This method, created by Pathways of Light Spiritual College®, is very effective when you want to clear unconscious "thought clusters" fueling physical or emotional discomfort, tension and anxiety, or undesirable habits. During the counseling, the thought clusters are brought into your conscious awareness. Your Inner Wisdom guides you in releasing the confused emotions or unhealthy thought patterns in the cluster. You go at your own pace and are guided in a perfect healing all directed by your Inner Wisdom.

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Depending upon the method you chose, the spiritual counseling can be done in person, on the telephone, or with Skype.