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Guided Imagery journeying powerfully supports healing for:

  • surgery
  • cancer treatment and recovery
  • pregnancy and labor
  • trauma
  • deep grief from loss of any kind
  • pain management
  • anxiety


Guided Imagery journeying greatly enhances:

  • spiritual life coaching
  • inner child work
  • reiki healing
  • spiritual awakening
  • accessing Inner Wisdom
  • deep relaxation



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Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in life has a purpose.

-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


The vision process is always self-examination. It's never; "God, I want this. Make this happen." Its always, "What do I have to become to live the vision, to manifest it, to reveal it?" The visioning process then is a process of transformation of the individual.

-Reverend Michael Beckwith

Guided Imagery is a bold and powerful awakening and healing tool. This amazing spiritual counseling method connects you with expansive inner resources for problem-solving, decision-making and healing that as of yet you may not even know you have.


Guided Imagery journeying bypasses your processing rational mind and connects you with your Inner Wisdom - the freely creative, inventive and curious aspect of your mind. By accessing your Inner Wisdom, you receive "new" information to powerfully revitalize and transform your life. You know the right decisions for your situation and exactly how to create complete wholeness and joy in your life.

Here's how... In day-to-day living, most of us take in information and interpret our life circumstances with our processing "rational" mind. This aspect of your mind judges the present by referencing your past experiences. Your mind rationalizes, "What I learned from the past is reliable, I will use that information to guide me now." This can be very effective. You likely know to keep your hands off a hot stove, or by spending all your money today you will have none for tomorrow, and many other practical tid-bits of learned information for daily living.

But, there's a catch. Beyond managing life's daily practicalities, past learning may not be reliable to guide you now. Here's an example: Consider a child who grows up in a home where there is no physical or verbal affection. No hugs, kisses on the cheek, or verbal expressions of love. This child grows into an adult who has not learned healthy physical and verbal intimacy with family members. From her learning, this adult forms the belief that healthy physical and verbal intimacy is unnecessary. In all likelihood she is not aware she holds this belief, and therefore, we label her belief an "unconscious" belief. Having unconscious beliefs is quite common for all of us.

This adult has her own family and repeats her learned behavior, supported by her unconscious belief, of not sharing healthy physical and verbal intimacy with her children. But, and here's the catch, her belief caused her to make a decision that she is also likely unconscious of, that being - I am withholding healthy intimacy from my children because this is what I know.

Healthy intimacy is essential for children to grow and thrive. A loving mother, the loving mother in our example, is not malicious or intentionally harming her children. But, she is making a decision nonetheless. She is responsible for this decision and its effect upon her children. This is but one example of many possible unconscious beliefs. This is an example of why being conscious is so crucial - You make much better, much more life-affirming decisions, when you are conscious! And really this term "conscious" is nothing more than this: A deep and knowing understanding of exactly why you do what you - the emotions, thoughts, fears, patterning and core beliefs that motivate your behavior.


Letting unconscious beliefs direct your decisions and choices can lock you into a limited and un-dynamic life. Because your perspective does not evolve, you stay stuck in engrained physical and emotional habits, suspended in entrenched judgments that miss beckoning opportunities. You may feel malaise or discontent because it seems as though nothing ever changes. And yet, everything is changing everyday!

At Awakening JOY Ministries® we specialize in uniquely customized guided imagery for any challenging situation.

Personalized guided imagery journeying address your specific situation and every detail of the exact life or healing you aspire to. We do not use pre-written imagery scripts or commercial stock imagery tapes.

You can choose from THREE GUIDED IMAGERY COUNSELING methods:



Guided Imagery for Surgery Patients & Invasive Medical Tests:

If you are needing surgery, especially if it major and invasive, you may be experiencing overwhelming feelings. Worries about being vulnerable, insecurities about trusting doctors and caregivers, fears of being dependent, and disappointments from letting go of plans, are very common. You may feel scared, confused, powerless and even hopeless about your situation. Yet, you have great power in this situation. Allow your creative Inner Wisdom to reveal itself and share Its knowing guidance with you. Know how powerfully in control of the surgery and your healing you truly are!

Two powerfully potent guided imagery counseling methods for surgery patients and invasive medical tests are:


Guided Imagery for Cancer Patients:

A cancer diagnosis is something you did not ask for. If you are like most people, its hard to think about cancer without considering mortality. You may see a long and uncertain road ahead of you - biopsy, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation - and wonder where your strength for this journey will come from. For starters, don't go it alone. Let all the love you have in your life support you. And, let all the Love, Wisdom, and Guidance you have inside you carry you on this journey. Give yourself the most powerfully potent support available - your Inner Wisdom. Connect with your amazing inner healers, warriors, and guides and discover that you truly are unlimited courage and strength.

Two powerfully potent guided imagery counseling methods for cancer patients are:


Guided Imagery for Labor and Pregnancy:

It is a wonderful experience carrying and preparing for a new baby. Sometimes though there are health or emotional complications that can negatively impact your pregnancy and delivery. Challenges with labor, pregnancy, and even conceiving your child, can often be overcome with guided imagery counseling. Guided into your own uniquely personalized imagery where you will deeply connect with your Inner Wisdom, your specific concerns and fears are alleviated and replaced with a deep knowingness of a successful conception and a peaceful pregnancy and delivery.

Two powerfully potent guided imagery counseling methods for labor, pregnancy, and conception are:


Guided Imagery for Pain:

Pain can deplete your energy, squeezing joy from your days. Medications may help, but often add other health disabilities. A holistic approach to managing pain will include your Inner Wisdom. Use guided imagery counseling and connect with your source of unfaltering guidance. Let this knowing guide show you how to allow ease and peace to return to your body and mind.

Two powerfully potent guided imagery counseling methods for pain are:


Guided Imagery for Anxiety:

If you are experiencing anxiety, you likely want relief. Relief will come when you know why you are anxious. The reason may seem obvious - going through a divorce, losing a job, processing childhood trauma, and many other circumstances. Yet, none of these are truly causes for anxiety. Anxiety may be caused by an organic chemical imbalance which a medical doctor can treat. Anxiety can also be caused by distorted core beliefs about who you think you are and what you think can be done to you. Thankfully, by joining with your Inner Wisdom, distorted core beliefs can be revealed to you and healed. Use guided imagery counseling and free yourself from anxiety's unhealthy grip on your life.

Two powerfully potent guided imagery counseling methods for anxiety and emotional distress are:


Guided Imagery for Relaxation:

There are many wonderful ways to experience relaxation. What method works for you is unique to you. For some, being in nature is relaxing and hiking is a great escape. Others enjoy a bubble bath or time in a hot tub. An amazing deep relaxation method is guided imagery counseling. This form of spiritual counseling deeply relaxes your mind and body at its cellular level - meaning; your bones, organs, skin and cells release held and embedded stress. This release profoundly revitalizes your mind, body and spirit. So, our advice, experiment with what relaxes you, and, - Do it often!

Two powerfully potent guided imagery counseling methods for relaxation are:


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Experience the amazing power and results from guided imagery that is custom-created for your exact situation.

Depending upon the method you choose, the counseling is done in person, on the telephone, or with Skype.