Spiritual Awakening 8-week Program®

Week 1 - Accepting Abundance - Letting Spirit be in charge

Week 2 - Opening to Inner Guidance - Strengthening your communication with Spirit

Week 3 - Going Gently - A Process for achieving greater awareness

Week 4 - Transforming Your Life - Changing your thoughts to change your world

Week 5 - The Awakened Perspective - Releasing judgment and allowing love to shine through

Week 6 - Accelerating Your Growth - Seeing the messages in your relationships

Week 7 - Building Your House of Light - Making every moment an empowering experience

Week 8 - Divine Play - Celebrating love & oneness



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In the esoteric Judaism of the Cabalah, the Deep Self is named Neshamah, from the root of Shmhm, "to hear or listen": the Neshamah is She Who Listens, the soul who inspires or guides us.



Spiritual Awakening is coming to know that you need not look outside yourself for answers to anything. All the guidance, all the answers you need are within you. The name we associate with this guidance, this source, is Inner Wisdom.

Inner Wisdom is your "guide" for knowing what is best for you - the right direction, choice, or decision - in any situation or circumstance. At Awakening JOY Ministries® we believe it is good to seek guidance from friends, family and professionals, to gather sound information. Then, to sit quietly stilling the mind's chatter and the body's tensions allowing ourselves to receive guidance from the source of deep wisdom we all have within. We turn inward for guidance because Inner Wisdom truly knows the best choices we can make for a JOY-filled life.


The source of Inner Wisdom joins all of us - every living being on the planet - to each other in Oneness. The Inner Wisdom in me is joined with the Inner Wisdom in you.A Course in Miracles calls this joined oneness the Sonship, the united Christ Mind, the One Mind. A Reiki teacher I know says each of us is a cell in the Mind of God. Each cell must exist for the Mind of God to exist. Others call this oneness Spirit, Source, Shiva, Buddha, Goddess, God, Holy Spirit, and many other names.

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The miracle of this source as a guide is that It knows what is best for me and for you and the entire planet. So, even though It may give guidance to me to a problem I alone seem to be having, It will only give guidance to me that is also best for you and the entire planet. Inner Wisdom only guides in a way that supports the greatest healing for all and is wholly loving to everyone.

At Awakening JOY Ministries, you can come to your spiritual awakening by participating in spiritual counseling. Spiritual counseling builds your relationship with your Inner Wisdom. Reiki healing is very effective for this as is guided imagery counseling.

The Spiritual Awakening Program® is another powerfully potent method. Created by Pathways of Light Spiritual College®, this 8-week program gently guides you into a relationship with your Inner Wisdom. You experience how partnering with this Wisdom transforms your life. Old, limiting habits and beliefs dissolve, and you create abundance and peace in your life.

This valuable program can be done one-on-one with Rev. Andrea or you can join an Awakening group that Rev. Andrea has formed. New groups are always forming. You can also form your own group and Rev. Andrea will facilitate the program. Pathways of Light does not release the program for self-guided study.

The Spiritual Awakening Program is most often conducted in a teleconference. This means you can partner with Rev. Andrea no matter where you live. You can join or form a group with people all over the country and anywhere in the world!

To join the unique and amazing Spiritual Awakening Program, or for more information, please contact Rev. Andrea, click here or call 505.699.5066.

 An introductory excerpt from the 8-week Spiritual Awakening Program:

Your power of awakening is all in your hands.
It does not take years of academic study. It does
not come from books. It comes from a willingness
to let go of old belief systems of separation, of
comparing, of fear.

Through empowering experimental processes, the
Spiritual Awakening Program helps you grow and
expand your awareness of your true Spiritual Nature
with the support and shared insight of each person.
There are many activities to help you connect feelings
with ideas so you can make the ideas work in your life.

One of the Program's experiential exercises:

Weekly Focus Card - Transforming My Life

I remember that what I perceive in my life is an effect
of my thoughts.
Change is possible.
I remember to be patient and gentle with myself.
I ask Inner Wisdom for help in changing my thoughts.
I accept Peace and Love in my life.

On the Spiritual Awakening Program - 
"TAKE IT! ~ I found myself at ease, in peace, and naturally reacquainting with my loving nature, my joyful self, my life's path. Shifting. I was able to shed the defenses and story lines of my current life enough to walk back towards and see my true nature. To want to live it. To need to live it." Diane D.