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Guided Imagery journeying powerfully supports healing for:

  • surgery
  • cancer treatment and recovery
  • pregnancy and labor
  • trauma
  • deep grief from loss of any kind
  • pain management
  • anxiety


Guided Imagery journeying greatly enhances:

  • spiritual life coaching
  • inner child work
  • reiki healing
  • spiritual awakening
  • accessing Inner Wisdom
  • deep relaxation



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Located in Santa Fe New Mexico


When you want the soothing comfort of peace and meditation - to relax, ease anxiety or pain, empower you to achieve a goal, or to maintain feelings of well being, the Guided Imagery Meditation method is a fantastic process to use.


Partnering with Andrea, a uniquely customized guided imagery meditation is created for your exact situation. Andrea joins you in explicitly defining what you want to create or achieve. Every detail is discussed. Fear-based or limiting thoughts are revealed and transformed into positive affirmations of your complete success.

Andrea then guides you through your personalized guided imagery meditation. Your custom meditation is recorded and is yours to keep, to listen to any time of day and often.

The Guided Imagery Meditation method powerfully supports:

  • Defining and achieving goals
  • Receiving guidance from you Inner Wisdom or Higher Self
  • Relaxation
  • Settling the mind before sleep
  • Easing anxiety or pain
  • Maintaining feelings of well being
  • Preparing for conception, pregnancy and labor

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Contact Rev. Andrea to schedule your Guided Imagery Meditation method spiritual counseling session, click here or call 505.699.5066.

Experience the amazing power of guided imagery counseling that is custom-created for your exact situation.

Depending upon your circumstances, the counseling is done in person, on the telephone, or with Skype.